Pathways to Success

A partnership to increase college access and completion in the Coachella Valley

In 2009, the Foundation made a multi-year commitment to Pathways to Success, a program in the Coachella Valley that places college attainment at the center of the community’s efforts to transform the economic future of the region.  Led by the Coachella Valley Economic Parnership, Pathways brings together an impressive partnership of business, education and nonprofit leaders to improve college going rates and college success for the region’s low-income students.  Pathways to Success also serves to link the region’s scholarship giving organizations and student support programs for the benefit of low-income and underserved students in the Valley.

Several important lessons have emerged from the Foundation’s partnership in the Coachella Valley, including:

  • An explicit collaborative approach to increasing college access and completion can be a valuable way to pool available dollars, expertise and relationships directed at the higher education needs of a region.
  • Understanding access and success within the broader educational system is an effective way of uncovering and addressing the greatest obstacles and opportunities for increasing college access and completion.
  • Tying college attainment to the economic and workforce development needs of a city, county or region is a valuable way to engage industry more deeply and reinforce the value of higher education to California’s economic future.

To learn more about our partnership with Pathways to Success and our work in the Coachella Valley, read our latest report:


Delivering California's Promise:

Increasing College Access and Completion

Pathways to Success
Lessons from the Coachella Valley


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